What is Committee?

Each local area has a committee of adults who believes in the mission of Young Life: to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. You'll find adults from all different backgrounds, careers and churches, including lots of moms and dads who care about kids.

The committee, comprised of parents, Young Life alumni and civic leaders, provides a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the local Young Life team.

Ask your area staff person for a local list, and feel free to call these folks with your questions at any time.



An Essential Foundation

Committee is the foundation for Young Life in a local area. Oftentimes, new Young Life clubs start because of the interest and awareness created by the committee. We also welcome the involvement of adult Young Life alumni, whose enthusiasm about their Young Life experiences is valuable to a committee. Here is our vision for committee in the Grand Strand

Young Life Adult Committee in Grand Strand

 Our Mission

Our Mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

 We accomplish our mission by

  • Praying for young people
  • Going where kids are
  • Building personal relationships with them.
  • Winning the right to be heard.
  • Providing experiences that are fun, adventurous and life-changing.
  • Sharing our lives and the Good News of Jesus Christ with adolescents.
  • Inviting them to personally respond to this Good News.
  • Loving them regardless of their response.
  • Nurturing kids so they might grow in their love for Christ and the knowledge of God's Word and become people who can share their faith with others.
  • Helping young people develop the skills, assets & attitudes to reach their full God-given potential.
  • Encouraging kids to live connected to the Body of Christ by being an active member of a local congregation.
  • Working with a team of like-minded individuals -- volunteer leaders, committee members, donors and staff.

Our Committee Purpose :To actively support the ministry of Young Life through prayer, provision, promotion and partnering with staff, volunteers and kids.

Through Prayer                

  • Praying for all facets of the ministry by ensuring and executing a strategy for each school.

 By Promoting

  • Sharing Young Life in all facets of the community (parents, school officials, churches, businesses, etc.)
  • Ensure the integrity of the local ministry (accountability).

By Providing

  • Monitoring the financial affairs  and raising funds to guarantee the local budget.
  • Assisting staff and volunteers with resources and services.

By Partnering

  • Supporting and assisting Young Life staff and volunteers.
  • Helping create the vision to reach every kid in the local area.
  • Maintaining the continuity of Young Life in the area.
  • Working with the regional director, especially during staff transitions.

What We Specifically Ask of You

When you commit to serve on the Committee, we ask for you to 

  • Agree to and embrace YL missionary statements (see opening paragraph)
  • Pray for, promote, provide and partner with staff and volunteer leaders
  • Understand the authority structure and decision making process in Young Life
  • Meet 6-8 times per year with your committee
  • Take responsibility for reconnecting and contributing when attendance at a meeting is not possible
  • Promote and participate in annual fundraising events (banquet)
  • Attend/participate in other YL functions as needed according to your gifts, talents, and resources.
  • Commit to service on the Committee for a year and a half (following the calendar year)
  • Apply your gifts, talents, and resources to a particular area of need with structured goals and action plans (see paragraph below)

Each committee member is asked to serve as a member of one of the following teams

Committee Chair

Works in concert with the Area Director, leading the committee team

Provides Spiritual Leadership/encouragement/direction for the team as a whole

Committee Co Chairs

Partners with Chair to ensure quality and effectiveness of committee team

Handles all communications to the committee, follow up/management of tasks

Coordinating meetings and details for the committee


Development Team

Works with chair/staff/volunteers to actively recruit, train and support new committee members. Responsible for public relations /ministry touches with parents and school officials.


            Prayer Team

            Designs and facilitates a working prayer strategy for leaders, donors, adults, and kids


Event Team

Coordinates with Area Director to plan and implement fundraising events for the area.  Usually 2 per year (one “banquet” type format / one fundraiser for campership)


Vision/Donor Care Team

Works with the Area Director on specific growth goals / vision for the area as a whole.  Then works to care for/thank top donors in communicating this vision and its progress.


Volunteer Care Team

Works with the Area Director to develop ideas to recruit, train, and support volunteer leaders.


Kid Teams

Coordinates projects directly related to kids and their needs


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